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Transgender teen not wearing cap and gown

A high school student is choosing not to walk in graduation with his friends, because his school wants the male-identifying student to wear a female robe because he is identified as female on his birth certificate. Damian Garcia, a senior at St. Pius, says “I just want to have a happy graduation, and just walk in my … Continue reading

Dear Me:

I recently tweeted that I have less than a month until my birthday. I was then asked by one of my followers how old I will be. They were shocked to hear that I will be turning 20. (Apparently I act rather middle-aged.) So, in preparation of my 20th birthday, here is a list of … Continue reading

Cards for Ethan

Ethan, the little boy who is still being held in an underground bunker, will turn six years old next week. Our local communities want to help in any way possible, so a birthday card project has been launched called, “Cards for Ethan.” It’s something that everyone from all around can come together as a family and … Continue reading

“Legitimate rape” comments starting back

Did you know that in Alabama it is illegal to buy peanuts after sunset and before sunrise? And did you know that  in New Mexico, politicians are working to make it illegal for a rape victim to terminate an unwanted pregnancy? Cathrynn Brown has introduced a new bill that, if passed, could charge rape victims with … Continue reading

Should we encourage guns in schools?

President Obama supports legislation banning assault weapons, along with other gun control measures. While I respect the President and our government, I don’t think banning weapons is necessarily the best option. Timothy McVeigh didn’t use a single firearm in his attack on the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City. However, he killed 168 innocent people, … Continue reading

‘Tis the Season

‘Tis the Season

The next time you cringe when looking at your holiday shopping receipts, keep this story in mind. Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson has an annual Christmas ritual. He funds twelve children selected by Child Protective services to go on a c. The children range from ages 8 to 16, and have all suffered from some form … Continue reading

“Legitimate rape” comments don’t pay off. Shocking, right?

“Legitimate rape” comments don’t pay off. Shocking, right?

It’s no secret that many politicians say absurd things about women’s reproductive rights. Apparently, voters don’t approve. Representative Todd Akin and Indiana Republican Senate hopeful Richard Mourdock lost their respective races last night. If you’re wondering, Akin was the guy who made the comments about a woman’s reproductive system shutting down and preventing pregnancy if … Continue reading

Obama & Persuasion: How to Become President

This is yet another recycled psychology discussion question, as I seldom have time to do “real” blog posts anymore. Please keep in mind that I don’t necessarily support Obama just because I wrote about him for an assignment. This paper does not reflect my political beliefs. Identify a figure from politics, religion, business, or television who is … Continue reading

Suicide Awareness Day

Suicide Awareness Day

Every year, September 10th is Suicide Awareness Day. As of 2011, an estimated one million people per year die by suicide or “a death every 40 seconds or about 3,000 every day.” There are also twenty failed suicide attempts for every one that is successful. Suicide is also the thirteenth leading cause of death worldwide. In honor of today … Continue reading