Cards for Ethan

Ethan, the little boy who is still being held in an underground bunker, will turn six years old next week. Our local communities want to help in any way possible, so a birthday card project has been launched called, “Cards for Ethan.” It’s something that everyone from all around can come together as a family and do for this precious child.

With God’s will, Ethan will be home with his loving parents on his birthday to open all of the cards himself! For anyone who would like to send a birthday card, simply sign the inside of the card with love, the city and state you are sending it from and your name if you’d like. These cards can be mailed to or delivered to: Napier Field Town Hall at 400 Headquarters St. Napier Field, AL 36303. Please send in c/o “Cards for Ethan” or Lt. McDaniel.

2 thoughts on “Cards for Ethan

  1. Oh this is terribly sad – but within even the darkest situations there light can overcome. I love this idea, I will send him a card tomorrow (I’m in Ireland though, hoping it will get there in time) God bless him and I pray so much he will be home safe soon.

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