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Truck decal depicts kidnapped woman

  If you saw a women tied up in the back of a pickup truck, would you call the police? This decal on the tailgate of a truck in Texas is stirring up a controversy surrounding that question. This is an optical illusion created by Hornet Signs in Waco, Texas. It looks like a woman … Continue reading

Teenager on bike rescues kidnapped girl

Five-year-old Jocelyn Rojas of Pennsylvania was found safe two hour after she was abducted — by two teenage boys on bicycles. The boys are now considered heroes. Police and firefighters were scouring the area surrounding Lancaster Township on Thursday. Temar Boggs asked a friend, Chris Garcia, to join him in the search for the missing girl. … Continue reading

EDIT: Alabama Amber Alert

The state of Alabama has issued an AMBER Alert for a 6-year-old girl from Mississippi. Jashayla Hopson was last seen Tuesday before she was taken from her school in Kemper County, Mississippi. She was wearing turquoise pants and a pink shirt with an ice cream design and white sandals. She was possibly seen being taken … Continue reading

Details still emerging

Jimmy Lee Dykes was killed as agents raided the underground bunker. It isn’t known if Dykes took his own life or if agents killed him. During the last twenty four hours of the situation, communication between officers and Dykes deteriorated and the man was seen holding a gun. We’re not sure how they saw him with a … Continue reading

Cards for Ethan

Ethan, the little boy who is still being held in an underground bunker, will turn six years old next week. Our local communities want to help in any way possible, so a birthday card project has been launched called, “Cards for Ethan.” It’s something that everyone from all around can come together as a family and … Continue reading

Negotiations continue

Authorities have thanked the kidnapper for taking care of the child, who is still being held underground. Negotiators have had an open line of communication with the kidnapper all night. Dykes told authorities that he has an electric heater and blankets inside the bunker to keep warm during the cold overnight hours. He has provided the … Continue reading

Update on hostage situation

The child from Midland is still being held hostage. The kidnapper has been identified as Jimmy Lee Dykes.The abducted child has a medical condition, and medicine was given to the child this morning in the bunker.Authorities are communicating with the suspect through a PVC pipe connected to the bunker. Continue to pray.

Hostage situation in Dale County

By now, the whole nation is talking about the hostage situation that is taking place in Alabama. At 3:30 yesterday afternoon, man boarded a school bus and demanded two children as hostages. The driver refused and was shot, and later died of his injuries. The shooter took one child, who is still being held hostage. … Continue reading

Failed kidnapping caught on tape

In Philadelphia, a ten year old girl and her two year old brother were walking home from buying sweets when a man suddenly came up behind them and tried to abduct the little girl. He put his hand over her mouth,  hoisted her from the ground and stumbled as he tried to yank the girl towards his car. The … Continue reading