Transgender teen not wearing cap and gown

A high school student is choosing not to walk in graduation with his friends, because his school wants the male-identifying student to wear a female robe because he is identified as female on his birth certificate.

Damian Garcia, a senior at St. Pius, says “I just want to have a happy graduation, and just walk in my black robe, nice and proud, and have a memory to look back on, you know, with my family and friends.” The school policy is for young men to wear black robes, and young ladies to wear white robes. If there is any question as to which color robe should be worn, the school turns to the child’s birth certificate.

Damian was born Brandi, but had a legal name change earlier this year. His teachers, friends, and family all consider him male and call him by Damian.

Damian’s family doubts that the school policy will be changed before their son’s graduation date, but they’re hoping that all students will wear the same color in the future, so that no other child is faced with this situation.

Damian says that he would rather not walk than embarrass himself by wearing a female robe.

Damian Garcia (Source: KRQE/CNN)

Damian Garcia (Source: KRQE/CNN)


6 thoughts on “Transgender teen not wearing cap and gown

  1. Because the most important aspect of a day like this is making sure everyone is properly identified by their genitals, right?


    Yeah, didn’t think so.
    I absolutely hated wearing a white gown for my graduation. Not only could you see all the girls clothes through it (especially if the colors were dark), but white wasn’t even one of our school’s colors! Our colors were gold and maroon…but since gold was for our honor society sashes/pins/belts, they couldn’t have the women wear yellow gowns. I would have thought it showed more school unity to have everyone wear maroon, but what do I know?

  2. Surprisingly my high school back in South Texas in 1973 had the same color gowns for all students. The only thing that gave away gender was hair, fingernail polish, and type of shoes. I’m with Damian on this one.

  3. I wonder if Damian uses the men’s bathroom at school. If the school could condone that, then there is no reason for Damian to wear a female robe.

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