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Misattributed Quotes

I recently gave the blog a makeover, and in the process I was looking for a new image to put on my sidebar. I have a whole Pinterest board full of quotes, so I took to the internet to find a new picture. Before I posted anything, I wanted to double check the source. I … Continue reading

The changing face of rape

Today, in my office, I over heard two men talking about how rape has changed. One of them made the comment that rape doesn’t happen the same way that it did fifty years ago, and now we have to be suspicious of rape allegations. I held my tongue, of course, and went back to what … Continue reading

Fraternity suspended for racist MLK party

I can’t process this much stupid in one sitting. Summary: A bunch of white kids (like the whitest white kids ever) from Arizona State’s chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon dressed up like this and posted pictures to Instagram. No one from the local chapter would speak to news reporters, but Patrick Cleason, TKE’s national organization direction,  did … Continue reading

Bill to ban certain tattoos & piercings passes Senate

The Arkansas Senate recently passed a bill that would ban “non-traditional” tattoos, piercings, and other forms of body art. The bill is called “An Act To Limit Body Art Procedures”. Senator Missy Irvin is sponsoring the bill. She said that body modifications should be limited to “traditional” tattoos and piercings. She would ban dermal implants, scarification … Continue reading

Do fraternities cause rape culture?

Do fraternities cause rape culture?

Odds are, if you’re a female who has ever been on a university campus, you’ve heard the warnings about the frat boys. Testosterone fueled, alpha males is the stereotype. Now, I’m not saying that I necessarily believe this. Do I know frat guys who seem harmless enough? Sure. Have I heard of frat boys drugging … Continue reading

Truck decal depicts kidnapped woman

  If you saw a women tied up in the back of a pickup truck, would you call the police? This decal on the tailgate of a truck in Texas is stirring up a controversy surrounding that question. This is an optical illusion created by Hornet Signs in Waco, Texas. It looks like a woman … Continue reading

Seven years

On this date in 2006, one of my best friends was killed in a car accident. I had just turned 13, she was about to turn 12. After seven years, I still think about her almost everyday and I still miss her. I’m not gonna write a long post today, I’m going to post a … Continue reading