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The changing face of rape

Today, in my office, I over heard two men talking about how rape has changed. One of them made the comment that rape doesn’t happen the same way that it did fifty years ago, and now we have to be suspicious of rape allegations. I held my tongue, of course, and went back to what … Continue reading

“Regular Women” in Lingerie… Opinions?

“Regular Women” in Lingerie… Opinions?

Plus size modeling has become a huge thing in our society lately, with women like  Robyn Lawley and Tara Lynn taking center stage. Of course, even these plus size models are still models (and they’re still gorgeous). Many women want even more diverse body images to look up to. Chrystal Bougon owns Curvy Girl, a plus size lingerie store in … Continue reading

Do fraternities cause rape culture?

Do fraternities cause rape culture?

Odds are, if you’re a female who has ever been on a university campus, you’ve heard the warnings about the frat boys. Testosterone fueled, alpha males is the stereotype. Now, I’m not saying that I necessarily believe this. Do I know frat guys who seem harmless enough? Sure. Have I heard of frat boys drugging … Continue reading

Truck decal depicts kidnapped woman

  If you saw a women tied up in the back of a pickup truck, would you call the police? This decal on the tailgate of a truck in Texas is stirring up a controversy surrounding that question. This is an optical illusion created by Hornet Signs in Waco, Texas. It looks like a woman … Continue reading

Be beautifully different.

Before I write this post, its necessary to share a little personal background information. One) I’m a legal assistant as a law office in my hometown. Two) Said law office just got broken into, and we repairmen constantly coming in and out this week. Three) I’m 20 years old, but I look like I’m 15 … Continue reading

Baby born in parking lot after a bomb threat

On July 5, Tessa Kilgore gave birth to a healthy baby girl… in the parking lot of  Walker Baptist Medical Center. Kilgore was in active labor in the hospital’s delivery room at 8:30am last Friday when the Alabama hospital received a bomb threat—one of many in the area that morning, according to WBRC. That forced staffers to evacuate … Continue reading