“Legitimate rape” comments starting back

Did you know that in Alabama it is illegal to buy peanuts after sunset and before sunrise? And did you know that  in New Mexico, politicians are working to make it illegal for a rape victim to terminate an unwanted pregnancy?

Cathrynn Brown has introduced a new bill that, if passed, could charge rape victims with a third degree felony if they do not carry their pregnancies to term. According to the bill, the fetus is “evidence” and having an abortion would be considered “tampering with evidence”.

Basically, the victim would be charged as an accomplice to her own rape, because she is aiding him by having an abortion. The women could get up to three years of jail time.

I thought the “legitimate rape” comments were done, but apparently not. The bill is unlikely to pass.

10 thoughts on ““Legitimate rape” comments starting back

  1. One wonders of the State will be responsible for the expenses of bringing up that child since they choose to deem said child States evidence then it would stand to reason that they will be responsible for the child’s expenses as well as the therapy the mother may incur due to the forced pregnancy ?
    I would be curious to see the exact verbiage to this not to mention the legal ramifications in the long run.
    Control seems to be the name of the game of late……

    • I was under the same assumption. While they can make the abortion illegal, they cannot force the woman to raise the child. I don’t believe that the law will pass, but the exact specifics of the legislation would be interesting to hear.

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