23 Everyday Things That We Could All Be Doing Better

Thought Catalog

1. Saying something kind about people’s life decisions before making the knee-jerk snarky comment. When your friend tells you “[Insert-emotionally-unstable-friend-here] is getting married,” force yourself to say at least one nice thing, such as “It’s good that she’s found someone who makes her happy.”

2. Being at least a little understanding to people who are going through the turnstiles in the metro, and not letting out an exasperated sigh and even an “Oh my GOD” when someone messes up while swiping their card. (I just recently moved to New York, and your system is different here, and I am overcome with anxiety every time I go through it because I don’t want to make the well-dressed man behind me fly into a passive-aggressive snit.)

3. Sending thank you cards. SENDING THANK YOU CARDS. Sending thank you cards. SeNdInG tHaNk YoU cArDs!!!1

4. Texting someone if you’re too busy to take…

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