“He can’t amount to much, by the look of that little truck” Um, no.

Here goes my rant for the month:

No woman wants to be judged. I constantly hear women complain that their looks are being judged by men and that it leads to self-esteem issues. We don’t want to be judged by what we eat, by if we want kids, by if we have sex. We don’t want to be judged about if we wear makeup or if we want to get married young. It destroys our confidence.

So ladies, what makes us think that judging men is okay?

Men shouldn’t be judged on their clothes. Some of the best guys I know practically live in t-shirts. My boyfriend wore a t-shirt and baseball hat on our first date. You’re making a big mistake by judging a man based on his style; he may be the most thoughtful and intelligent man out there. Men shouldn’t be based on their jobs. Granted, making a living and supporting your family is important. What isn’t important is how he does it. Don’t judge a man by how he makes his money (within legal means, I feel the need to add). The letters after his name shouldn’t be relevant to your decision about being with him. Last but not least, judging a guy based on his vehicle. In the south, I feel like a guy’s masculinity is often based off of the vehicle he drives. The bigger the truck, the manlier, right? Wrong. The title of this post comes from a line of a popular country song, which implies that the artist is a better man because he drives a Silverado. The kind of vehicle doesn’t determine the kind of man behind the wheel or his level of masculinity. (Also the size of the truck most definitely isn’t equal to the size of anything else. Just saying’.)

And that’s the end of my rant.

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