2014 – Happy New Year

2013 was a tough year. I lost my Papa to cancer and my Papaw to a stroke. 2013 was also one of the best years of my life. I bought my first home with my boyfriend who I love more and more every single day. I got accepted into three honor societies. 2014 isn’t off to a wonderful start for my family, because my mother’s stepfather passed away this morning.

2013 showed me a lot of things about myself. I’m stronger than I ever thought I could be. I’ve learned what I can endure and what I can’t. I’ve cut a few people out of my life totally because they aren’t worth my time and they aren’t worth me being upset over. I lost a lot of close family members who I miss every day in 2013, and one just this morning in 2014. I have three semesters of college left, I’m studying for my GRE and I’m going to excel in everything that I do, with the help of my family and friends.

We had a young lady in my town murdered this past weekend. I went to high school with her. I’m thankful for my life and the health of my friends and family.

I want to be able to look back at 2014 and know that I did my best in everything that I attempted. Let the choices you make in 2014 show the kind of person you want to me.

“Today is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.”

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