Bill to ban certain tattoos & piercings passes Senate

The Arkansas Senate recently passed a bill that would ban “non-traditional” tattoos, piercings, and other forms of body art. The bill is called “An Act To Limit Body Art Procedures”.

Senator Missy Irvin is sponsoring the bill. She said that body modifications should be limited to “traditional” tattoos and piercings. She would ban dermal implants, scarification procedures, and tattoos that are not defined by the vague language of the bill.

Shockingly, the bill passed with a 26-4 vote. The bill was then sent to the House, where the language became even more vague. The scarification portion was removed, but the ambitious language related to other tattoos remained. Dermals were banned unless the procedure was done by a doctor (Really?!). The bill also did not define a “cosmetic tattoo” versus a “non-cosmetic tattoo”.

Does this make anyone else uncomfortable?

4 thoughts on “Bill to ban certain tattoos & piercings passes Senate

  1. It’s spooky that a legislative body would take such action and that it passed by such a large percentage of votes. On the *upside* – if you can call it that – the language is so vague that the law begs to be screwed with/broken. They want traditional ink and piercings, eh? How traditional? It is “traditional” to in some cultures to have total facial ink or to wear animal bones through your nose…neck rings are traditional and so is gauging your ear lobes down to your shoulders in some places. So now, if it’s “traditional” tattoos and piercings they want us to have, I say…game on! I bet uptight legislators cry Uncle long before we body modification lovers will…
    Seriously though, I hope this ban gets protested and formerly trounced out of existence…and I hope it happens before this spreads like a bad rash to other places.

  2. Geez. Another case of attempting to legislate morality! I have to admit, ear spreaders make me uncomfortable to look at, which is my issue, not the wearer’s. We recently hired a guys with HUGE spreaders and he is the absolute best employee we’ve hired in years. And as I get to know him, his spreaders don’t bother me as much…it’s his pain and his expression, not mine. ;oP

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