“Regular Women” in Lingerie… Opinions?

Plus size modeling has become a huge thing in our society lately, with women like  Robyn Lawley and Tara Lynn taking center stage. Of course, even these plus size models are still models (and they’re still gorgeous).

Many women want even more diverse body images to look up to. Chrystal Bougon owns Curvy Girl, a plus size lingerie store in California. Chrystal told Huffington Post “There are so many pictures of models in lingerie, but I’m constantly asked for pictures of our products on ‘regular’ bodies… In the fashion world, anything over size 4 is considered plus-size. I know, it’s a big joke.” For the record, Robyn Lawley only weighs 180 lbs. Plus sized?!

Bougon launched a campaign called “Regular Women” in which she encourages women to take pictures of themselves in lingerie and upload them to Facebook. She said

“Inspired by a customer, I wanted to show that women with rolls, bumps, lumps, scars, stretch marks, surgery scars and natural breasts that have nursed babies can be stunning and beautiful.”


 I totally agree with it. Sometimes, you don’t want to see models in sexy lingerie because you know you don’t look like that. I know that I’ll never look like that, despite my best efforts. I’m 5’2 people, let’s be real.

But, it seems to me they are saying if you are in shape, or thin then you aren’t “regular”. Maybe if they showed women of all body types. Regular women can be skinny and gorgeous or fat and ugly or skinny and ugly or fat and gorgeous. Don’t make pretty skinny people seem “not regular.”I think the name ‘regular women” is misleading.

I think it was focusing on what is left out. Bigger bodies aren’t shown much while fit and thin is what is “ideal”. Like a campaign showing same sex couples but leaves out straight because the point is to show the under privileged party.

There are some women who are just naturally petite. They don’t look like models either.

I think calling any body type “normal” or “regular” is absolutely offensive. Am I some kind of unusual freak because I don’t look like them? Whether they were thin women or fat women, it is wrong to lump them into the norm. All bodies are unique and beautiful. No matter what age, size, and imperfection you should own it, love it, work it.
Obese women absolutely have the right to feel beautiful, but calling their size normal and glamorizing it is a really questionable practice. You can be big and beautiful, but I don’t think you can be big and healthy. Every woman should love their body regardless of size but at some point we have to admit that an unhealthy lifestyle is being pursued that is likely going to cause negative consequences down the line. 


4 thoughts on ““Regular Women” in Lingerie… Opinions?

  1. The skinny models portrayed as ‘ideal’ and ‘beautiful’ turn me off. Women fell for this sham and waste a large portion of their lives chasing this illusion, I reckon. And even many men feel coerced into embracing (pun unintended) these so-called beauties.

    I prefer, what people refer to as plus sized women – they look natural, healthy, great fun to be with – and (here comes the guy in me) great eye candy 🙂

    All the best,

  2. Love it! I find it kind of hard at times to shop, especially online because every model wearing a shirt or dress that I like is stick thin. By looking at that model I cant tell how its going to look or fit on me, I cant say, “Oh thats gonna look great on me” I just cant. I am all for seeing more curvy women modeling.

    • I’m short and flat chested so I know how that goes! I’ve bought many things online, just to have to go to the store and return it. I’m all for seeing different sized models!

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