Truck decal depicts kidnapped woman



If you saw a women tied up in the back of a pickup truck, would you call the police?

This decal on the tailgate of a truck in Texas is stirring up a controversy surrounding that question.

This is an optical illusion created by Hornet Signs in Waco, Texas. It looks like a woman is tied up the back of a truck casually driving down the road.

The women in the decal is a Hornet Signs employee who volunteered to be photographed and have her image used. The decal was put on the back of another employee’s truck.

“It was an experiment for us and something that was short term, so I was really shocked at how much traffic it did drive,”Brad Cobb, the store’s owner, said.

I tend to like it when assholes come with a warning label so that they’re identifiable to the rest of us. But imagine being the parents of a kidnapped child who pull up behind this guy at a red light. To me, this promotes violence as being acceptable enough to advertise it. Young kids will see it and ask questions about it. Tasteless. 

(Image Source: KWTX/CNN)


14 thoughts on “Truck decal depicts kidnapped woman

    • Tacky and tasteless. I don’t really wanna know the answer to that either. It wouldn’t be so bad if maybe they had a sticker about Amber Alert awareness or something… idk.

      • With all of the studies proving that we’re susceptible to subliminal messages…this “message” seems awfully dangerous, doesn’t it? This doesn’t even seem to make any kind of socio/political statement or serve a purpose…seems like just another image that will desensitize people to violence.

      • Of course, and the reason it is acceptable to some people is that we’re already so desensitized to violence from TV and video games. Of course some people say “get a sense of humor” but I see nothing funny about violence against women.

  1. This is awful! I hope every customer of Hornet Signs has cancelled their orders. Boycott and show that Americans will not patronize a business that creates such things.

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