Be beautifully different.

Before I write this post, its necessary to share a little personal background information. One) I’m a legal assistant as a law office in my hometown. Two) Said law office just got broken into, and we repairmen constantly coming in and out this week. Three) I’m 20 years old, but I look like I’m 15 or 16. Now I’ll get on with it.

One of the repairmen has a granddaughter who is staying with him during summer vacation, and she’s been tagging along with him to run errands. This morning, bless her heart, she came with him to our office while he worked on repairing our front door. She came in and sat in the air conditioning while he was outside working. We started chitchatting, and it turns out that she’s seventeen and a junior in high school. The thing is, she looks to be about eleven years old. I can empathize. Eventually it came around that boys at her school don’t like her because she looks so young and she has freckles and that she’s really self conscious about it. I reassured her that the boys in high school are just that; boys. Eventually she’ll go off to college and meet a man that cares about her and looks past the fact. And on the plus side, when she’s forty and all the other women her age are facing wrinkles and other bodily changes, she’ll still be looking younger. That’s how I’ve reassured myself all these years. Looking different isn’t a bad thing. I hope that this girl learns to love her freckles and doesn’t feel the need to hide them with globs of makeup or blush. I hope she loves them because it is a uniqueness and something other people don’t possess.

I have curly hair. I mean curly to the point that its almost unruly at times. In middle school, flatirons became the rage and everyone wanted to have board straight hair. And kids in middle school can be so mean. If affected me and I can still remember the mean comments and my embarrassment. I begged and cried until my mother went out and bought me a hair straightener. I’ll let y’all in on a secret… a flat iron doesn’t do a bit of good in 100 degree weather and Alabama humidity. So what did I do? Scrunched my hair and went au naturel. Guess what? Now that I’m older, women are buying curling irons trying to get their hair to look like mine. I don’t feel the need to try to straighten my hair anymore, either. I embrace the curls.

The point is, just because you’re different doesn’t mean you’re not beautiful. Being different is a wonderful thing, and everyone else is just boring. Being different makes you hard to forget. I think women have been depicted that we should all be a size double 0 because that’s what’s attractive to men. I know a girl who can’t gain weight. She struggles with staying healthy because after countless attempts to maintain a healthy weight, her body won’t let her.  She’s been called anorexic and make fun of by other girls, but things aren’t always what they seem. Remember that.

If you have blonde hair, if you have brown hair, if you have no hair, you still are beautiful. If your teeth are slightly crooked, or you have dimples, or if you wish you could lose 20 pounds or 100, you still are beautiful. And if you want to change it, do it for you. Change what you want to change, but don’t do it for society. There is nothing greater than making a change towards making yourself stronger as long as you are doing it for your own heart.

What appeals to some people others don’t find attractive. It always intrigues me the different ways different sets of eyes can view something and how over time, things that we initially thought weren’t beautiful finally do become just that. But you have to believe it first because  if you don’t, why would anybody else? Believing that you’re beautiful will radiate. Beauty isn’t all physical though. There are plenty of people out there with beautiful bodies, and deep sparkling eyes, and gorgeous hair – but inside, those people could be some of the ugliest people you’d find. I’ve seen them. Beauty is only skin deep, and ugliness goes straight to the bones.

There’s a lot of girls who are very pretty, but they have terrible attitudes. Example: when I was in high school, the popular and pretty cheerleaders ruled the school. But guess what? They never had boyfriends. Wanna know why? They were like the first slice of bread in the bag. Everyone touched them, but nobody really wanted them. Now that we’re all in college, I run into them occasionally. They’re still single and they never lost their Freshman Fifteen (karma, ladies). Their attitudes haven’t changed much, either.

I got off track there for a second. My point is, the next time you’d like to put someone down for being different from you, think again. Because i believe if you are given the blessing of not being like anybody else, you’re better to remember. Never change yourself because there is someone out there that’s going to love it. There’s someone that’s going to love the dimples when you smile, how your freckles shine in the sun, the gap between your teeth, the curls in your hair, or the way you snort when you laugh too hard.



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