Baby born in parking lot after a bomb threat

On July 5, Tessa Kilgore gave birth to a healthy baby girl… in the parking lot of  Walker Baptist Medical Center.

Kilgore was in active labor in the hospital’s delivery room at 8:30am last Friday when the Alabama hospital received a bomb threat—one of many in the area that morning, according to WBRC. That forced staffers to evacuate its patients to various places, including the parking lot, a surgery center across the street, and a downtown Jasper community building.

It was raining, so Tessa was wheeled under a tree in her stretcher. She was outside, in the humidity and rain, for more than half an hour while the hospital was searched. the baby’s father, LaDarrick Babbs,and Tessa were good sports. Family members held up blankets to try to give her some privacy.

When baby Kylie was born, weighing 5 pounds, 8 ounces, the whole parking lot applauded.The doctor who performed the delivery worked in New Orleans right after Katrina, and says that the experience was what kept her calm. She had treated patients in hallways.

No bombs were found and no arrests have been made at this time. At least the story has a happy ending!


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