The 50 Best Moments In A 90s Kid’s Life

I laughed so hard. This described my childhood perfectly.

Thought Catalog

1. When, by some miracle, Nick News didn’t come on at 8 with Linda Ellerbee and her god damn converse sneakers.

2. When your teacher rolled in a big TV and VCR and you knew that meant you were going to watch a movie… probably the Magic School Bus or School House Rock.

3. When your best friend had extra gushers.

4. When you got gel pens before you went to school and proceeded to write all over your arms with them.

5. When Topanga asked Corey to get married at graduation and all of your dreams came true.

6. When you told a Michael Jackson joke something along the lines of “what’s black, white and red all over?” and thought you were the funniest person ever.

7. While trading Pokemon cards, your friend had the exact one you wanted.

8. When you realized you had a butterfly clip that…

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