300 police officers attend kindergarten graduation

Tatum Raetz graduated from kindergarten this week, just three days after her police officer father was killed while investigating a drunk driving case. Nearly 300 uniformed officers attended the graduation to show support for Tatum. They lined up on the sidewalk outside the school to greet Tatum and her mother as they arrived for the graduation.

Photo credit: phoenixpolice / Twitter

Photo credit: phoenixpolice / Twitter

Tatum was given a bouquet of flowers and shyly hid behind her mother as she walked down the line of officers.

“We probably soaked the sidewalk. It was impossible not to be emotional in that moment,” said Phoenix police department spokesman James Holmes, who attended the ceremony.

Tatum’s father, Daryl Raetz, was fatally hit early Sunday morning while investigating a DUI case. He was also an Iraq war veteran and had been on the department since 2007.

Photo credit: James Holmes/Phoenix Police Department

Photo credit: James Holmes/Phoenix Police Department

Most of the officers who attended were off duty, but some had come off full night shifts. After the graduation, the officers passed out toy badges and let the children sit inside their patrol cars.

I don’t know about y’all but this is the most touching story I’ve heard since a NYPD officer bough shoes for a homeless man last year.

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