Details still emerging


Jimmy Lee Dykes was killed as agents raided the underground bunker. It isn’t known if Dykes took his own life or if agents killed him. During the last twenty four hours of the situation, communication between officers and Dykes deteriorated and the man was seen holding a gun. We’re not sure how they saw him with a gun when the man and child were in an underground bunker. FBI agents feared for Ethan’s safety, so they stormed the bunker and rescued the child.

The scene, which was kept out of the view of the media, showed visible signs of change around 3 p.m. when witnesses heard a loud explosion and gunfire. An ambulance was seen slowly leaving the scene a short time later but without emergency lights or sirens activated. The ambulance traveled to nearby Flowers Hospital in Dothan where authorities later confirmed the child was transported. No known hostage demands were ever made.

Ethan, who is still in the hospital, is said to be acting like a normal six year old child. He is reportedly laughing, eating, and enjoying spending time with his family.

This is Jim Lee Dykes, the accused shooter and kidnapper.

This is Jim Lee Dykes, the accused shooter and kidnapper.

8 thoughts on “Details still emerging

  1. I am sorry his crazy cost him his life, but am sooooo relieved Ethan is okay!!! Only time will tell, but I hope this was way more traumatic on his family than on him (I hope that didn’t sound calloused). I just hope he doesn’t remember it much as he grows up and is allowed the chance to be a carefree kid!!!

    • Me too! And he was released just in time for his sixth birthday! I completely see where you’re coming from. Hopefully his parents get him into some kind of therapy soon, so that he may not be traumatized.

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