Child still being held in underground bunker

It has been released that the child suffers from Aspergers syndrome and an attention disorder. The suspect and child have been in an underground bunker since Tuesday afternoon, after the  suspect shot a bus driver and kidnapped the child. No demands have been made, but the negotiations continue. Students who were also on the bus stated that the man came aboard and said he needed a “kid” because the “law” was after him. The kidnapper initially demanded two students, but only took one because the kidnapped boy fainted.

The kidnapper has been known to stay in the underground bunker for up to a week at a time. It has been confirmed that they have access to television in the bunker, so authorities are cautioning the media to be careful what they air.


4 thoughts on “Child still being held in underground bunker

  1. Ohhh my goodness, I hadn’t heard of this until you posted it, seeing this story unfold is so sad! I will continue to pray and goodness me I hope it works out soon! Thanks so much for he updates.
    Lorna xx

    • It was all over the national news, but I guess they lost interest. Since I live in the area, it is on our local news. I’m praying for the boy’s safety. This is such a sad story.

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