The Sandy Hook Shooting – Fully Exposed

This video is half an hour long, but worth a watch. I am in no way saying that the massacre at Sandy Hook didn’t happen.

However, there are something things in the video that, if they are true, make the situation seem suspicious. For example, there are conflicting reports about the number, type, and location of weapons found by authorities. There was also the misidentification of the shooter, and internet memorial and fundraising pages that appear to have been published prior to the day of the mass shooting – including a Facebook page for deceased teacher Victoria Soto.

I’m not saying that the massacre didn’t happen, or that the children never really existed like some people are claiming. I’m only saying that perhaps something fishy is going on.

Either way, the video is interesting.


10 thoughts on “The Sandy Hook Shooting – Fully Exposed

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    • That’s mature. And calling someone “retarded” can be hurtful, because there are honestly lots of other adjectives that could be used. But, thanks for your comments anyways.

  2. Conspiracy theorists are a dime a dozen. The facts are 28 people are dead and 27 families are experiencing grief beyond imagine. I watched this garbage and it is just that, garbage.

    No disrespect to you, but the only thing important to my simple mind is handguns & assault weapons caused this horror in Newtown, Connecticut.

    The misinformation over a crime scene and the shameful actions of disgusting charity groups does not make for a viable conspiracy.

    The unnecessary massacre of 27 humans by a mentally unstable human is the issue here, not how believable the actions after the massacre happen, appear to the public.

    Just MY 2 cents.


    • I appreciate your opinion, and allow me to share mine.
      Handguns and assault weapons did not cause this horror, Adam Lanza did. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Let’s make guns illegal just like we did marijuana, because laws were very effective in keeping it off the streets.

      I want to be a police officer. It’s what I’m in school to do, and trust me, there was nothing done correctly when it came to that crime scene. Just a thought. Take a forensic class, read a basic criminal justice textbook.

      The charity group page was created on December 10th, when the shooting did not occur until December 14th.

      And you summed it up nicely for me. “The unnecessary massacre of 27 humans by a mentally unstable human is the issue here.” Guns don’t need to be banned. Controlled, yes. Require background checks and a gun safety course. But the mentally unstable man is the one who committed the acts.

      No disrespect to you, and I always enjoy receiving comments that challenge my opinions.

      – Tracy

      • Yeah…Adam Lanza would have had to use A Rock, had handguns and assault weapons NOT been allowed to be owned by his mother, or you, or me.
        Your stance is just plain stupid,

      • Well apparently I’m “too damn stupid” for your time. Don’t bother commenting on my blog, or reading it for that matter. I don’t appreciate my intelligence being questioned because I post MY opinion on MY blog. I’ll pray for you, and the rest of the ignorant people in our country. Have a fantastic day.

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