A change from the depressing daily news

A fifty four year old lawyer, Tony Tolbert, is letting a family in need live in his fully furnished house for a year while he moves back in with his parents.

Tony was inspired by his father’s kindness. When he was a boy, Tony’s father often let people in need stay with them until they could get back on their feet. Mr. Tolbert wants to show that you don’t “have to be Bill Gates or Warren Buffett or Oprah” to make a difference.

He has not yet met the family who will be moving into his home, but a woman and her four children were the lucky ones chosen. Mr. Tolbert told officials at the Alexandria House, a homeless shelter for women and children, that he wanted to loan his home to a family in need.

Tolbert believes that, in his words, “Kindness creates kindness. Generosity creates generosity. Love creates love. And if we can share some of that and have more stories about people doing nice things for other people and fewer stories about people doing horrible things to other people, that’s a better world.”

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