Well, this puts a damper on things

Do y’all remember that heart touching story about the kindhearted police officer in NYC who gave a pair of shoes to a homeless man? One, the man isn’t really homeless. Two, he never wore the boots.

The ‘homeless’ man, Jeffrey Hillman, has an apartment in the Bronx that is paid for via a combination of rent vouchers, Social Security, and military veteran benefits. He also has a brother who says that his door is always open to Jeffrey, but that “this is a lifestyle he’s chosen.”

Hillman was spotted  around New York City, again barefoot. He told news reporters that they boots were too expensive and that he was scared that they would get him killed.

He’s also upset because his picture was posted on the Internet without his permission, and he “wants a piece of the pie.”

This, ladies and gentleman, is what’s wrong with our society.

I still think that the police officer did a wonderful thing, even though Jeffrey Hillman wasn’t quite as appreciative as he could have been.


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