Sexualizing Breast Cancer

This post is running a little late, considering Breast Cancer Awareness Month ended yesterday. But here it goes:

October is waning and, with it, the plethora of pink-ribboned festooned consumer goods. Body lotions, earrings, drinking glasses, umbrellas, data breads, even pretzels. Consumers were expected to spend xxx this year on breast-cancer-awareness products. But how much of their money actually went to further the stated goals?

A porn site has decided that they would donate once cent for every thirty views of videos of female beasts.  The site decided that they would donate the money to the Susan G Komen Foundation. The foundation said that they aren’t interested in the money and do not want to be affiliated with the site.

One in eight women are diagnosed with breast cancer, and the survivors say that sexualizing breast cancer or any cancer is just wrong. However, they’re okay with popular phrases like “Save Second Base” or “Squeeze A Boob, Save A Life.” The exact amount has not been released, but it was estimated that the site would have raised $25,000 for breast cancer awareness by the end of the month.

Should the foundation have accepted the donation? Is sexualizing breast cancer something to be ashamed of?


6 thoughts on “Sexualizing Breast Cancer

  1. Ashamed? I don’t know. Disgusted? Absolutely. $25,000 is less than the copier paper budget for such a large organization and would have done virtually NOTHING to further “the cause.”
    This is an example of abuse being disguised as support to further an agenda that has zero to do with anything other than lining the pockets of scum.
    Women in abusive relationships often mistake manipulation by the abuser as support. Sick behavior? or Responsible Corporate Citizenship? Either way somebody’s making money.

  2. Sometimes, money is just money, and by not getting it from a source that is demeaning you, you’re behind in the ledger book, but WAY ahead in the level of comfort. It’s a no-brainer. If someone wants to give me $500 today after work, but they get to humiliate me in return, I’m better off driving off with my dignity than with the dough.

    I’d miss it, though. Doesn’t make it right.

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