Reality show based on animal cruelty

Lastly, I know that some of you followed me on Twitter. I recently lost my job & have put in lots and lots and lots of applications. My Twitter will no longer be available on my blog because it is now on private. If you ever want the link, it is here.

I saw this on the news today and thought it was interesting, so I’m sharing. Animal Planet has a new reality show airing that is taking place in the county where I live. It’s called “Bully and Sugar: Southern Justice,” and focuses on animal cruelty in Montgomery, Alabama. Fifteen episodes will air if the pilot is successful. It will air on November 10th at 10 pm.

The point of the show is to depict animal cruelty while showing that Montgomery is doing its best to fight it, and that officials take the crime seriously.

I plan on watching it. Hopefully it isn’t one of the shows that make everyone from the South look ignorant. Hopefully the city and state are depicted in a good light.


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