The Life of That White Guy

Hello people of the internet!

I am a (mostly) stereotypical southerner. Now let’s get things straight, when I say southern I mean southern. As in Alabama. Where I live. Down here we consider all states north of South Carolina and west of Mississippi to be Yankee states. If sweet tea isn’t the top beverage on every restaurant’s menu then I hate to break it to you-

you’re not in the south.

This society that I’ve been born into is often looked down upon as being stupid, racist, and redneck by the rest of the nation. To hopefully change your mind (if you take that line of thought) here are the facts about the south’s top 5 stereotypes.

1.     College football is a religion.

True. At least it’s a big enough deal to where you can walk up to anyone on the street and have a 30 minute…

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  1. Hello. This is probably the most annoying comment you could ever recieve, and I do apologise in advance, but I needed help and yours is the only blog I know of with the “Fresh and Clean” theme. Whenever I add ANY widgets they appear at the bottom of my main page, with all the posts above, and I don’t know how to change it so they appear to the right of all my posts like the widgets on YOUR page? Is there a particular setting you have to have it on? I don’t mind if you ignore this, I understand. Thank you very much for reading anyway! Lorna

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