Sad story with a happy ending in NJ

Twelve year-old Miranda Bowman saved her own life after her grandfather died of a heart attack while driving. Her grandfather, sixty three year old Paul Parker, told Miranda that he didn’t feel well and told her to keep talking so he would stay alert. A few seconds later, she heard Paul’s head hit the window.

She said she freaked out for a few seconds, and then she sprung into action. She tried to call 911 on her cell phone but she didn’t have any service, so she climbed underneath the steering wheel and hit the brake with her hand. The truck was slowing, but not enough, so she pressed down on the brake with both feet. She wanted to put it in park, but she feared it would flip because they were going so fast. She decided to let the truck run off into the trees, because then she couldn’t hurt “anybody else.”

They hit a few trees, and she kicked her way out of the passenger side door when the truck finally stopped. A woman driving behind them saw the vehicle swerving and was already on the phone with 911. Miranda called her mother and grandmother to tell them they “were in an accident and Pop-pop is dead.” dr

Miranda said she knew how to react in an emergency situation because her father is an EMT. She also watches a lot of “Law and Order” on tv and thought about what the people on the show would do. She also always watches what people do when they are driving a car, so she knew to hit the brake.

Miranda wants to be a sign language interpreter when she grows up.


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