Police, firefighters & the economy

There are about 800,000 active local, state, and federal law-enforcement officers in the US. In 2011, 166 officers were killed in the line of duty. There are 1,082,500 active duty in the United States, and 87 were killed in 2011. Out of those killed, 57 were volunteer.

If you’ve read my blog before, you probably know that I want to be a police officer after I finish my degree. You may not know that my boyfriend is a firefighter and EMT. So, after you read this post you may understand why I’m slightly upset.

After September 11th, all the politicians were dying to hug a firefighter or police officer. Everyone was so grateful to emergency personal all over the country. Now, many cities are cutting pay for all city workers, including cops and firefighters. In some places, they are only making minimum wage. Police officers and firefighters are risking their lives to keep citizens safe. I understand that the economy is terrible right now, but these people deserve their wages and benefits.

In San Jose, California, all city employees have to choose between reduced benefits or higher retirement contributions. Detroit has one of the highest crime rates in the whole country, but pay and benefits have still been cut by ten percent for city workers, including firefighters and police. I’m just saying that there have got to be better ways to save cities money besides cutting salaries for people who risk their lives everyday.





2 thoughts on “Police, firefighters & the economy

  1. My wife is an elementary school teacher. Teachers, too, are faced with the same dilemma. Change can only come by paying close attention to what are elected officials actually intend to do – not just what they are saying. We need to hold them accountable for our future! Thanks so much for keeping this problem in front of us. God bless you!

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