Bigamy versus homosexuality

Bigamy, the act of marrying while already married to another person, is a third-degree felony punishable by a sentence of up to five years in the state of Utah.

Kody Brown, the star of ‘Sister Wives‘, is suing Utah and hopes to overturn the bigamy law as being unconstitutional. If they win the suit, polygamy will become legal for the thousands of Mormons who live in Utah.

However, Utah has said that they won’t prosecute consenting adult polygamists unless there are other crimes involved. Polygamy isn’t protected under religious freedom because states have the right to regulate marriage.

Mr. Brown doesn’t aim to have a marriage license for each of his four wives. Like many bigamists, he has a marriage license for his first wife. The other three are joined in “spiritual marriages”.

If bigamy is legal, should gay marriage not be legal? Just a thought. People say that bigamy has a historical context that same sex marriage doesn’t, but I question whether or not that’s true. Polygamy  has been associated with underage marriages and child sex abuse throughout history. The practice has been illegal since the 1860s, but homosexuality just became legal in 1986.



2 thoughts on “Bigamy versus homosexuality

  1. I don’t believe any of us are qualified to judge anyone else. It’s up to each one of us to search for the answers – depending on where we search, we will find different answers. My faith is in the Lord! I’ll start with Him and leave all judgments and decisions in His hands! Thanks for posting … it keeps us on our toes!! 🙂

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