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Four years ago today, I posted a blog about my emergency room “miracle experience” after the Aurora Theater shooting. The post went viral, and created some controversy. Does God really do miracles? Why for one person and not another? Does a good God even exist?

I don’t claim to have all the answers. But I saw the miracle with my own eyes. Thank you to those who have asked me to repost this story for a reminder: God is still at work.

July 23, 2012

At Columbine High School, I have seen this before. But not up close.  As a church pastor in Denver, I have worked as a chaplain alongside several police and fire departments. I was privileged to counsel parents just hours after the Columbine shootings. However, in this new tragedy at the Aurora Theater Dark Night shooting, one of the victims was a 22-year-old…

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  1. This morning I read some comments on Brad’s post. He must be overwhelmed by them. I was shocked by how many people think his post is an opportunity to debate. He is handling it with grace, I must say, his responses to those angry people are so humble. I have to wonder, what makes them angry, the horrific event or that there are people who rely on their faith to get through situations that are beyond understanding.
    One comment even said that Brad was trying to glorify himself by posting about it. His response said a lot about his character.

    • I didn’t read any of the comments, nor do I know the author personally. However, I think this story is very much true and I do think he’s a very Godly man from reading through his blog.

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