Women & stereotypes

I’m about to take a second to break something down for y’all. Most men (not all, but the majority) and some women have this picture of womanhood in their heads. Women are wedding crazy and baby obsessed, right? Or if they’re not, they must be lesbian. Or maybe they’re a cougar because they’re dating a younger man (when it’s perfectly fine for an older man to have a trophy wife).

The one that annoys me most is the vigin/whore stereotype. You’re dammed if you do and you’re dammed if you don’t. If you choose to save yourself for marriage in this day and age then you’ve got something wrong with you. You’re weird, you’re crazy, or you’re stuck up. If you do have sex, and you’re not married or in a committed relationship, then you’re a whore. If you’ve considered abortion, you’re a terrible person. But, if you use birth control to prevent pregnancy, you’re still a terrible person.

When it comes to stereotypes, women can’t win for losing. To put it simply, stereotypes are bad. Let’s start calling people out on them. They’re not funny and you shouldn’t shame a woman when it comes to her life choices. Everyone makes mistakes. Let it go.

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