Dog fights

I first saw the story of Oogy on Pinterest. I wasn’t sure it it was true, or if it was just one of those fake stories that you see on the internet all the time, so I did some research. It turns out, Oogy’s story is real.

If you haven’t heard the story of Lennox, you need to read this article. He was a dog who got put to sleep because he resembled a pit bull. Pit bulls are illegal in Ireland. Well, Oogy’s story is even more heart wrenching.

Oogy was only ten weeks old and weighed about twenty pounds when he was used as a bait dog for pit bulls. Most of the left side of his face, including his entire ear, was torn off. You can read more about Oggy here.

My reason in writing this post is only to say that pit bulls have a bad name, but not all of them are bad. Your animal is a reflection of how you raise them. All dogs have 42 teeth and any dog can be dangerous in the wrong hands.

This is Lennox.

This is Oogy.

9 thoughts on “Dog fights

  1. Great post! Although I would take it a step further and say MOST of them aren’t bad. And most of the ones that are “bad” are a product of their circumstances, but with a loving home can be rehabilitated. For example, only a couple of the Michael Vick dogs were put down due to aggression. The rest of them have gone on to become family pets, Canine Good Citizens, and therapy dogs. Instead of pushing breed specific legislation, governments should be looking at promoting responsible dog ownership (regardless of breed) and make the punishments for dog fighting more severe (and devote manpower to seeking out dogfighters and bringing them to justice).

    But that’s just my two cents! 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on cometscorners and commented:
    Every time I see photos of Oogy and Lennox and the countless other dogs that have been taken & destroyed in the name of BSL it angers and saddens me so much 😡 😥
    Please sign any and all anti BSL petitions – if everyone does their bit, our voices must be heard!

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