Disabled Chicago man beat & killed by three teenagers

We all know that bullying occurs more often than it should. Just last month the story of Karen Klein went viral. However, no one was physically injured in this situation. Three teenagers violently attacked a man for fun in Chicago last week.

The three young men attacked a disabled man and put the video on Facebook. They were playing a game that involves tracking down an innocent victim and trying to knock him out with a punch. Delfino Mora did not have complete use of his right arm because of a construction accident several years ago. He fell to the ground and hit his head on the concrete as the boys video taped the incident on a cell phone.

They left him laying on the concrete, bleeding. One of the boys came back a few minutes later to steal $60 from Mr. Mora’s wallet.

Mr. Mora was in the alley collecting cans to recycle for extra money to help his family. He was a a 62-year-old father of twelve.

The boys, sixteen-year-old Malik Jones, seventeen-year-old Nicholas Ayala and eighteen-year-old Anthony Malcolm  are being tried as adults for first-degree murder and are being held without bond.


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