Alabama pastor & ‘whites only’ conference

I’m from Alabama. I’ve lived here my whole life. I’m even from a small town that most people can’t find and a GPS won’t pick up. Let me tell you that this doesn’t reflect the views of most people in Alabama, or the South in general. I’m ashamed that my home state made national news for something this shocking.

If you haven’t looked at either one of the links, let me break it down. There’s a little town called Lamar County. A pastor there, named Mel Lewis, is holding a conference for only white people. There are KKK flags and white supremacy posters, yet the ‘Christians’ say they have been treated unfairly. They want ‘freedom of religion’ and say that white people are ‘part of the chosen race.’

Lewis is the founder of Christian Identity Ministries.

Their event ends tonight, and as the grand finale they’re setting a cross on fire. They claim it’s not a cross burning, but a sacred Christian cross lighting. The event is open to all white Christians. The KKK was present, but did not actually sponsor the event.

Those are the facts of the situation, so now I’m going to give you my opinion. Lamar County is about three hours north of where I live. Down here, we’re in the Bible Belt and most of us are Southern Baptist. I’ve heard of snake handling and other extremes, but I’ve never heard of burning a cross for sacred religious reasons. In my opinion, that’s more than a tad disrespectful. Everyone knows that racism is alive and well here in the south (on both sides. It’s not only whites that are racist), but this is taking it to a new extreme.

Everyone thinks that people in the south are ignorant rednecks, am I right? People think about the creepy, incestuous, undereducated men in “Deliverance“. Things like this don’t do much to debunk those stereotypes. I’m also of the opinion Mr. Lewis is only pastoring hate.

12 thoughts on “Alabama pastor & ‘whites only’ conference

  1. You said it best – it’s all about respect! And it’s not just in Alabama. Don’t forget about the recent story here in Florida about the pistol-packing pastor who thought it would be a good idea to burn the Koran (Quran). Some people just don’t think! Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed your post.

  2. Great post! I like your final sentence, sums things up nicely!

    Also props for the Deliverence reference; I love that movie

  3. I’m from Alabama too. I was sad and shocked when I read this. This is not truly Christian! Jesus loves everyone. Racism is hate and you can’t be Christian and racist! And you are right, there are not just racist whites; anyone can be a bigot. I just pray that people will one day wake up and get their lives together before He comes back.

  4. I too live in Alabama, about 100 miles NE of where the preacher “pastoring hate” is spreading his convoluted nonsense. Thanks for your post! There’s hope!!

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