Sex grooming & racial tension

Most people have no sympathy for prostitutes, right? They chose their career path and made their own decisions, right? I want you to picture a young girl. She doesn’t have any friends, her family never pays attention to her, and a boy has never shown interest in her before. Imagine her excitement when an older man starts taking her places and buying her things. All she wants is to be loved, right? Then things take a turn for the worse. He wants her to have sex with him. He loves her, so no harm done, right? Then he wants her to have sex with his friends. This is when she realizes that something isn’t right.

She finally couldn’t take it anymore. She got drunk, ran into a shop and started busting the place up. Police were called, and she told them she was raped when they arrived. She offered up her semen stained underwear as proof. The police concluded that the girl was telling the truth, but the case was dropped because they thought a jury wouldn’t believe a drinking, sexually active underage girl.

The abuse intensified. More girls were added to the circle. They were driven around at night, and were forced to have sex with up to five men in one day. The men threatened to kill her if she complained. She was trapped in a secret world of sex acts that took place late at night when most people in Rochdale were safely tucked away in their homes.

Young girls are groomed to be sex slaves. Nine men have just been charged for running a sex ring involving underage girls. This is the story of “Girl A”, as she has come to be called in court. Her story has caught like fire, because there is no getting around it: he girls are white, and the men who used them as sex toys are Asian Muslims, mostly Pakistanis raised in Britain. Muslim men accused of grooming young white females for sex are slowly moving across northern England, and involves several hundred girls in all. Human trafficking happens everywhere, and involves people of every race. Muslims should not be singled out in any way.

“Girl A” is now nineteen and has moved out of the area. She refuses to say that the crimes against her are racial in nature, but says she finds it hard to believe that Muslims could commit such acts.

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