Attack on Christian church killed 15 and injured 40

The gunmen killed two policemen guarding the church, took their rifles, and opened fire on the congregation on Sunday, killing 15 and injuring 40. The attack took place in Kenya.

“We were deep in prayers preparing to give our offerings,” said a visibly shaken David Mwange, a churchgoer. “We first had a loud bang from outside which we mistook to be coming from the rooftops. We then had gun shots which made us to lie down. Within no time we had gunshots all over. Everybody was shouting and wailing in pain.”

The police were guarding the church because of the extremely dangerous security situation near the border with Somalia and because Somalia’s Islamist militants have made Christian churches a common target. al-Shabab fighters, who are allied with al-Qaida, have threatened repeatedly to carry out revenge attacks for Kenya’s push into Somalia. Sunday’s attacks appear to be part of that trend.

You can read more here.


5 thoughts on “Attack on Christian church killed 15 and injured 40

  1. Oh goodness, that is really, terribly sad. 😥 People are all for freedom rights and wanting to live peacefully with their own religeons, yet time and time again this has proven almost impossible. Hate crimes are on the rise, it is so awful.

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