Worst mom of the year award

A mother in Colorado was pulled over on a routine traffic stop. The police found that she had unstrapped her toddler from his car seat to strap in a gas can. Her other child, who is fourteen, also wasn’t wearing a seat belt. However, I think she beats the mom in Arizona who forgot her baby on the roof of the car.

The point of this is to remind everyone to buckle your seat belts, as well as your child’s. Life is precious!

The photo of the back seat taken by the officer for the Aurora Police Department’s “Click It or Ticket” campaign shows the gas can was secured with the seat belt meant for the young child.


2 thoughts on “Worst mom of the year award

  1. This is just sick. Thank you so much for putting this horrible image in my mind. Does it really make the world a better place to point out the faults of others. Perhaps you have a dark memory that you hope we will overlook by pointing out how everyone is worse than you.

    Hey. The world is full of screwed up people. We all know this. The society is screwed up because the people in charge are idiots and don’t know how to teach young mothers how to raise decent civilized people. Criticizing young mothers for their failures only makes the world worse.

    Teach these people with kindness and things like this won’t happen.

    Hey. I’m sure you won’t mind me being mean to you and telling you off because you seem like the type of person that does it to everyone. If you can dish it out, then you should be able to take it. But let me guess. I’m completely wrong. You’re one of those perfect people that have never done anything wrong. Well ya, freaking, who

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