Do we need to think twice before legalizing marijuana?

Forty four percent of Americans say that marijuana should be legalized, and sixty five believe that it will be legal within ten years. People say that weed is less dangerous than alcohol and tobacco, because it doesn’t cause drunk driving and isn’t as bad for your lungs. However, marijuana use does alter your mental status.

A mother in Phoenix, Arizona drove away with her baby on top of the car, still in his car seat. She didn’t even notice when the car seat fell off and landed in the middle of an intersection. The baby’s nineteen year old mother, Catalina Clouser, had been smoking marijuana at the time. Her boyfriend had just been arrested on suspicion of aggravated DUI earlier in the afternoon. She was upset and went to a friend’s house to smoke some more. She forgot the child when leaving the friend’s house.

The child was not harmed, and the mother is being faced with  aggravated driving under the influence and child abuse.


3 thoughts on “Do we need to think twice before legalizing marijuana?

  1. I’ve been around marijuana users my entire life, and have used as a normal part of my life at times, and I can honestly say that almost every bad situation I’ve seen that has involved pot has also involved either alcohol, another drug, or an already distraught person.

    That being said, I do not think that anyone should ever drive while under the influence of marijuana. All of the facts about pot being less dangerous than alcohol are true and documented, but you’re correct, it does still create and altered state of mind. So instead of questioning legalization, perhaps we should rally for similar laws to DUI laws. There are some kinks to work out (like a valid way of telling when someone is actually under the influence at that moment), but it can be done.

    One thing to note, driving under the influence of marijuana is much safer than under the influence of alcohol (from my own personal observations of users over the past three decades…no real scientific data on my part), but again, I think that driving under the influence of either should remain illegal.

    • I’ve been around them my entire life, as well. However, I’ve never used it personally.

      I actually agree that it should be legalized, if it can be taxed and regulated. A simple blood test can be used to tell if you’re under the influence or not. They haven’t said whether or not the mother was under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs at the time, but she was definitely already distraught. Her boyfriend had just been arrested, after all.

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