Should rich kids still get scholarships?

Diddy (who was named the wealthiest man in hip-hop by Forbes) has a child who recently graduated high school. He got a $54,000 dollar scholarship to UCLA to play football. The kid has a 3.7 GPA, so he undoutably deserved the scholarship as far as academics go. However, could the money be better spend on a child whose father is’nt worth $500 million?

6 thoughts on “Should rich kids still get scholarships?

  1. Interesting topic. Most people will probably be on the fence about this one. We say… yes. If the student deserves a scholarship, then they should receive it. It wouldn’t be fair to not give it because of the parent’s financial status.

    • I share your opinion. However, it is kind of hard for me to imagine a child with no money losing a spot at a university because it was taken my a millionaire’s child. But you’re right, you can’t help who your parents are.

  2. I want to say yes to the poll, but I agree with you that if it’s merit based in some way for athletic ability or academic achievement–then okay. Still, it is hard to know that a bazillionaire’s child could do it with little sacrifice for the family while some other young person might not be able to make it through college without some help.

  3. What a great question. And I have to say yes — b/c he earned it. That is what it means to have a merit/academic/athletic scholarship. But as has been mentioned in previous comments, I would hope that the student&family would have the kindness to leave that for someone else who needs it.

    Its the type of thing when individuals need to do the right thing, even if the system cannot.

    I’m so thankful for my scholarship, but since last semester I did not use all my book money, I was blessed to buy a book for a friend, and hand out scantrons and pencils etc. to other students in my classes.

    • Some people really take their finances for granted and don’t realize that other people aren’t as fortunate as themselves. It’ll be interesting to see whether he returns the money or uses it.

      By the way, I’m so glad to see you’re blogging again! I’ve been missing you guys 🙂

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