Protecting the future

In April, I visited the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum with my English class from AUM. Towards the end of the tour, they had a section dedicated solely to reporting terrorism. They talked about September 11th and how the media impacted the tragedy. After going through and watching the footage from 9/11, I decided that I wanted to visit the National September 11 National Memorial and Museum. They only way to keep history from repeating itself is to be educated about the past and how the events occurred.

I also want to visit the Columbine Memorial in Colorado. Although Columbine took place in 1999, it is still the worst school shooting that has happened in the United States. Fourteen people were killed and twenty three were injured in the massacre. The two shooters were trying to ‘show up McVeigh’ and ‘top’ his record. The event would have been worse, had the bombs the students built been detonated . Although the shootings happened thirteen years ago, school violence has not improved much over the years. I feel like students need to visit the memorial to understand the tragedy and prevent the same type of violence from happening in their school. Gun control laws have gotten significantly more strict since the shootings at Columbine, but you want to make sure the same tragedies don’t happen again. Guns should not be allowed anywhere near schools.

There is a gun range being built near an elementary school in Connecticut, which you can read about here. Accidents happen, and you can’t replace the life of a child. People should have the right to bear arms, but not that close to a school building. The proposed range would be built just a hundred yards from the school grounds.


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