Is copyright actually right?

I had just about decided that I was done blogging. It wasn’t something I had done regularly before I started English with Professor Woodworth in the fall. In the few weeks since school has been out, I’ve found that I actually kind of miss it. My biggest problem was finding something to write about once my topics were no longer being assigned to me. I was sitting at work today, skimming through the news headlines when one caught my eye. During the school year, we watched a documentary called RiP: A Remix Manifesto. I wrote a few posts about it, and we moved on to another topic in class. However, copyright was a reoccurring theme throughout the semester.

Today, I read about Joel Tenenbaum. He’s being ordered to pay $675,000 for illegally downloading and sharing 30 songs on the Internet. Is it just me, or is that amount slightly ridiculous? How much money do you think those particular artists lost? This is strictly my opinion, of course, but I say that amount is unconstitutional. This young man is only twenty eight years old. Having to pay an amount that ludicrous can affect him for the rest of his life, and I think the Court of Appeals should realize that, as should Sony and Warner Brothers, who are the recording industries issuing the lawsuit.


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