Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes is a story about a little girl who lived in Japan at the time of the atomic bombing on Hiroshima. She developed leukemia from the radiation and was on a mission to fold a thousand paper cranes, because a Japanese legends states that if you fold a thousand origami cranes then you will be granted a wish. Her wish was simply to live, but she died after folding only 644 cranes. Her friends and family finished folding the cranes for her, and she was buried with them. They also built a statue of Sadako holding a golden crane. Every year there is a holiday for Japan to remember the spirits of your ancestors. Thousands of people leave paper cranes near the statue. On the statue is a plaque that reads “This is our cry. This is our prayer. Peace on Earth.”

Today in class, we folded origami cranes. Origami Cranes show the hope that was displayed after the Oklahoma City bombing, and the optimistic thoughts of people around the world that better times will come from the insight and strength of the Oklahoma City community. In the museum, there is a whole exhibit on just origami cranes. We’re sending ours to the Oklahoma National Memorial and Museum to be stored in the archives with all the other cranes that have been sent over the years. It is our hope that people will remember what happened in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995 forever.

This is the origami exhibit in the museum.

This is the origami exhibit in the museum.

Our cranes will be joining these in the archives.

Our cranes will be joining these in the archives.

3 thoughts on “Hope

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