Thank you, Spike The Dragon

When we went to meet the Oklahoma City University students, we were each given a map. Some of the maps were of places throughout the city, and some of them were from places on the university campus. My map was created by Spike The Dragon. It was a map of the basement of the music building at OCU.

The idea for the map is unique, because it was inspired by Greek mythology. He compared the basement to Tartarus, which is a lower level of the underworld. It is where the gods imprisoned their enemies.  Each room of the basement was given a connection to Greek mythology. (In a blog post, Spike The Dragon said “The staircase is the Tower of Icarus, because any reason to incorporate Led Zeppelin into a project is good enough.”)  I love Led Zeppelin, so I have to agree.

The colors used on the map were very striking. You’re used to seeing black print on a white background, but the colors were reversed on the map. The yarn used also contrasts against the black and white. The yarn also ties in with the story Theseus.

This map also gives me a look into OCU through the eyes of the students. Much like how I incorporated dragons into my own map, Spike the Dragon showed his emotions through his writings and his creative process. “The basement contains both the piano lab and the practice rooms, and I’m grumpy right now, so the comparison seems fitting. “  If the gods imprisoned their enemies in Tartarus, does that mean the professors imprison the students in the basement of the music building? It seems like a good correlation to me. This also shows logos. Who would be able to make a better map, or a better comparison, than an OCU student?

I’m glad I got this particular map. I went to the basement and explored using it right away. It gave me a change to discover y’all’s campus, which is beautiful by the way. Thank you to Spike The Dragon for working so hard on the map and for taking the time to make us feel welcome.



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