Thank you, Professor Nobles.

Honors composition was a challenging class. All year I’ve had to push myself to think outside the box and expand my creativity. In the end, it was all worth it.

We have a sister class at Oklahoma City University, and last week we went to visit them. We reached across state lines and ripped down classroom walls. Ever since January, we’ve been writing back and forth with these students. It was an amazing experience to finally get to meet them and close the gap.

Seeing the Oklahoma National Memorial and Museum was the most remarkable experience of the trip, in my opinion. I was only a baby when the bombing took place. Prior to our trip, I didn’t know much about what happened in Oklahoma City seventeen years ago. Now I know about the devastating events, and how it shattered so many lives. Taking this trip reminds me that dreadful things happen all over the world, but also that people overcome them. The citizens of Oklahoma City stood together and endured their tragedy. Seventeen years later, they still remember the disaster in hopes that it will never happen again.

Thank you, Professor Nobles, for giving us this enlightening opportunity.


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