Oklahoma City Bombing

Today was an intensely emotional day for me. At the time of the Oklahoma City bombing, I wasn’t even two years old. I didn’t imagine that the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum would have the effect that it did, even seventeen years later. I cried the entire time, from beginning to end. Seeing the stories of survivors and the memorabilia left by the families of those who didn’t survive heartbreaking to say the very least.

The part about the children who were lost was the most moving to me, which you probably know from earlier blog posts of mine. They were the most innocent of all who were lost. Three unborn babies were taken along with their mothers. They never even had the chance to live. Tomorrow is the seventeenth anniversary of the tragedy, and I hope that everyone looks back and remembers the lost and the hurt. Only by remembering history can we keep it from repeating itself.

The coworkers who risked their lives to help their fellow employees are the bravest people I can imagine. As always, I am more thankful than ever for our police officers and first responders all over the country. Society could not function without them.

Besides the story of Baylee Almon, the most touching to me was Rebecca Anderson. She was a nurse who heard the explosion and went to join in the rescue efforts. While in the building, she was hit in the head by debris and later passed away. She was the only person killed in rescue efforts.

These people touched many lives, and continue to do so, even seventeen years later.

4 thoughts on “Oklahoma City Bombing

  1. Even after going to the Memorial museum every year for the last five years, I end up crying every time. It is just too hard to grasp that sort of tragedy.

  2. thank you so very much for writing this post , not many people look at first responders in this view . yes this was a very big tragedy

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    A year ago today, I was at the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum. Today is the eighteenth anniversary of the bombing. With the events that have happened in Boston this week, take a moment to remember everyone who has been lost due to terrorism in the US.

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