Finally meeting the Oklahoma City University students!

This morning, we got up and went to The Red Cup for breakfast before we started our day. As far as vegetarian food goes, it was absolutely amazing. I’m not much of a coffee drinker, but the food made up for my lack of interest.

After leaving the café, we went to Oklahoma City University to visit the other students we’ve been working with all semester. Everyone was very welcoming and made me feel right at home. We explained our maps to the students and did a few group exercises. The students from OCU kept our Montgomery maps, and we got the Invisible City maps that they made for us. My map was from Spike The Dragon, and it was a map of the basement of the music building at OCU. He compared it to Tartarus, which is a city in Greek mythology. With the help of a few new friends, I found the music building and followed the map all the way to the end.

OCU had an amazing cafeteria, which I could go on about for hours, and a beautiful campus. I joked with my professor about wanting to transfer schools!

To the OCU students, it was very nice to meet you all and thank you for being so hospitable and for lunch!


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