in class we’re blogging about where we went over spring break, which was last week. The catch is that we’re writing about where we went mentally, not where we went physically. Which is good, because I hardly left my house all week.

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t go very far mentally over spring break either. I slept and I went to work and I slept until noon every single day. I didn’t do very much intellectually speaking. I did a little bit of homework here and took an online quiz there, but it was only the stuff that I had to do. I put in the bare minimum, which I should probably be ashamed of. I honestly just needed a break from school related activities.

I did work on my project for this class, however. I brainstormed and came up with some ideas for how I’m going to make my map visually appealing. I decided that I’m going to cut out shapes and make them stand up to place on my map. I think it’ll be cool with a 3D touch. Plus I won’t have to draw and exert my nonexistent artistic talent.

Spring break was great, but it’s back to the real world.



7 thoughts on “SB12

  1. I watched several shows on Netflix to relax since I rarely get to watch television during the semester. I love a few old shows that I missed the first time around… like Dr. Who that started again in 2005. Totally missed it when it started back then, so now I’m catching up as I can. It’s really a slow journey but I love it. Totally out of space and time for me. I love Science Fiction anyhow, and to be able to watch sometimes is such a nice break for my mind.

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