Ideas for my project

There are so many different ways this project could go. Since I didn’t grow up in Montgomery, I felt limited at first. But the more I think about it, I realize this isn’t a bad thing. I can look at this project from a different perspective.

I have a few ideas for my map and how to make this project come together. Of course I’m going to include historical landmarks, such as the Civil Rights memorial downtown, because it’s a cultural part of Montgomery. I was contemplating the idea of mapping all the fast food places and all the public restrooms between my house and AUM (it’s not a short drive, so I would know all about them.) I also considered mapping all the attractions that would draw someone to visit Montgomery, such as Riverwalk Stadium. Mapping my everyday life is also on the list of things I considered, including my work and the places where I spend the most time. Right now, I’m stuck on the idea of a fairytale map. Have y’all read Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson? I want to map Montgomery in kind of the same way he mapped Treasure Island. I can put little dragons in the places that our group labeled “violent crime” in class. AUM can be the magical place where you travel to gain knowledge. And my house will be the castle, of course. I’m still playing with the idea, and it’s possible that I’ll change my mind again.


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