How does blogging help me?

In high school, my literature teacher used to tell me that I did very good work but I had “no voice.” I was always confused by this, because I thought the point of academic writing was to not have a voice. You’re presenting facts and you’re supposed to be unbiased and stick with the information. I guess it never clicked that you could still use your voice in academic writing to help get your point across. If you don’t have a voice, how is ethos going to take place? If your readers can’t connect with you emotionally, they’re never going to want to read anything you write. And how are they supposed to connect with you if they can’t get to know you through your writing? Blogging has helped me find a nice balance between writing academically and writing my opinions and using my voice. I don’t think I ever would have been able to integrate the two if it wasn’t for blogging.

Anyone can sit down and write an outline and a five paragraph paper. Using your creativity to come up with a catchy title and use visual rhetoric (pictures, graphics, videos, etc.) is something that you can only learn to do from blogging. In a lot of ways, I think that blogging is more educational than sitting down and writing a research paper. Simply summarizing events into five paragraphs isn’t really helping you at all. Sometimes it’s okay to not write professionally. It’s okay to start a sentence with “and”, “but” or “because.” Not everything has to be completely perfect and organized all the time, and blogging has helped me realize that.




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