Strange Holidays

We celebrate all kids of holidays that aren’t really holidays. Valentine’s Day is about the beheading of a priest, but we celebrate it with teddy bears, chocolates and flowers. I’ve written about the origins of Halloween before. Somehow it turned from warding off evil spirits to kids dressing up and going trick-or-treating. We celebrate these holidays without knowing the real reasons behind them.

St. Valentine

However, many of the holidays we celebrate do have specific purposes. The fourth of July reminds us of how America gained its independence. Veteran’s Day reminds us to be thankful for everyone who has served our country so that we can have freedom. Easter and Christmas have religious meanings, and remind everyone that Jesus was born and that He died for their sins. Today is President’s Day. We take today off of school (unless you go to AUM) and work to remember the men who established this country and got us to where we are today with their leadership.

Does anyone celebrate Arbor Day? Yeah… I didn’t think so. I’m not even 100% clear on what it is. Same for Labor Day. I know I’m out of school and off work for it, but I don’t know the meaning behind it or why we have it. Does it serve a purpose? A lot of holidays go unrecognized. Today is not only President’s Day, but also Northern Hemisphere Hoodie Hoo Day. Today is also the World Day of Social Justice, which I think may be slightly more important than President’s Day. 

My point is, we celebrate the fun gift giving holidays and we enjoy the ones that get us out of school and off work, even if we don’t know exactly what we’re celebrating. The lesser known holidays that nobody thinks twice about may be the more important ones. Food for thought.

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