Music, Moods & Memories

Music is an immense part of everyone’s life, whether they realize it or not. I don’t think you have to be in a band or know how to play an instrument to be able to connect to music. People listen to music every day. I listen to the radio on my drive to school; I listen to my iPod while I’m waiting on class to start. I listen to Pandora when I’m getting ready to go out of even while I’m doing homework. Music can help you pass time, keep you entertained, or help you through hard times.

Everybody has that one song that reminds them of their ex, whether they want to admit it or not.  It either makes you sad when you hear it, or it makes you want to hit something when you hear it. Either way, music has a powerful influence on people’s emotions. The music I listen to while I’m getting dressed and doing my hair and makeup in the morning sets my mood for the rest of the day. When I’m having a bad day and I’m upset about something, I listen to sad music even though it doesn’t help my mood. I want to wallow in my own self-pity when I’m feeling that way.

It’s ironic that we’re writing about music on the weekend of the Grammys, which is what I was watching as I wrote this post. Music is a huge part of our culture. No matter what genre you prefer, there’s something out there for you.  Plus, you can find music anywhere. There’s music in everything. You can find a beat in people typing on a keyboard or in the rain when it hits the roof. Windchimes and birds singing are some of the most soothing sounds I can imagine, and they’re made without instruments. Almost anything can be considered music.

9 thoughts on “Music, Moods & Memories

  1. I like how you link the uses of music, the effect of emotional music, and being reminded of your ex. I don’t have an ex, never have had one, no boy friend either — but that doesn’t mean I cannot see what you are hinting at. I have songs that distinctly remind me of people and situations, or scenes from my life or in stories.
    Also, I find it incredible how so many songs are written about or to someone’s ex. That just seems to be a large part of our lives (though as of now, not a part of mine).

  2. I do the same thing as far as listening to music tht matches my mood. Most people would say you should listen to happy music when your sad because you want to be uplifted. No, I like to wallow in self pity for a while.

  3. Music really is so fundamental to who we are. You’re absolutely right: it can totally set the mood for the rest of the day. And if it isn’t there to make you feel better, then it’s there to help you “wallow in your own self-pity.”

  4. I agree with you strongly on the idea that music can strongly effect the emotions that people have. It also, strengthens the idea that a lot of people choose the mood that he or she wants. Also, I liked that you mentioned that everyone can relate to music not just musicians. Even though the connection maybe on different levels.

  5. Even though I’m in this metal band I always listen to music that connects to the mood I’m in. If I feel hyper or energetic I’m gonna listen to A Thousand Miles By Vanessa Carlton and sing it the whole way through, if I feel chill, I’m gonna listen to some Mac Miller, and if I’m mad, well, I’ll probably listen to some metal \m/

  6. What you said about listening to sad music when you’re sad…. I so do that. I’ll be crying over something and when I finally stop, I put on more sad music so I can cry some more. I’m not sure if that’s just me wanting to wallow, like you said, or if it’s me wanting to cry more so I can get it all out… Thoughts on that? Another thing, when you mentioned how it can set the mood for your whole day? Definitely agree! Otherwise, why would sports teams have “pump up” music? The right sort of sounds can really get you in the mood for just about anything. Great post. ❤

  7. Even though I don’t think you have to play an instrument to connect to music, often I feel that listening to very stirring music makes me want to play my guitar even more. Still this usually makes me frustrated because I can’t always express anything on the level of skill that I want. Just an arguement for practice though.

  8. Oh, jeez, a song that reminds me of an ex… Hmm… Certainly an awkward thing to consider, but one of my close female friends loves the song You’re Beautiful. So many emotions try to break through at one time when I hear that one… The best way I can describe it is:

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